LifeScan Awards Prize: Athletes With Diabetes Recognized for Outstanding Accomplishments


-- Athletes With Diabetes Recognized for Outstanding Accomplishments --

West Chester, PA, May 16, 2005 - LifeScan announced the 2005 recipients of the LifeScan Prize for Athletic Achievement here at the annual meeting of the Diabetes Exercise and Sports Association (DESA). This year's winners -- three athletes with diabetes who have distinguished themselves as role models for healthy living -- each received a $5,000 cash prize funded by LifeScan, a Johnson & Johnson company and a leading maker of blood glucose monitoring products for people with diabetes. The awards were presented by DESA, a non-profit organization dedicated to enhancing the quality of life for people with diabetes through exercise and physical fitness. DESA's membership includes people with diabetes as well as healthcare professionals.

This year's winners are:

  • Noah Kai Moore (Eugene, OR). Noah, 22, has not let diabetes stop his impressive commitment to physical endurance. As a guide for white water rafting trips, a break-dancer, fire-dancer, skateboarder, and street performer, Noah does everything in his power to continue to live life to the fullest and to reach out to others with diabetes, to prove that the disease need not hamper their lives. He was the first Youth Diabetes Ambassador from Southern Oregon and is currently visiting South American diabetes organizations, assisting with social projects and acquisition of medical supplies. Noah's personal Web page,, documents his travels and includes postings of his articles in diabetes publications. He hopes to one day write a book about the fact that diabetes need not stand in the way of accomplishing one's goals.
  • Nikki Wallis (Wales, UK). Nikki, 34, was diagnosed with diabetes ten years ago while studying for a postgraduate degree in Outdoor Pursuits and dreaming of becoming a mountain instructor. Over the next five years, Nikki focused on outdoor training, specifically geared to mountain climbing and diabetes management. With that, she gained the confidence to participate in climbing expeditions in places such as Scotland's Outer Hebridean Islands, the French Alps and Greater Karakorum in Mongolia. In 2000, Nikki founded a voluntary support organization called Mountains for Active Diabetics (, whose mission is to inspire and
    educate people with diabetes about continuing their outdoor/mountain pursuits.
  • James Dodson (Rougemont, NC). Jimmy, 28, was diagnosed with diabetes in 1995 when he was a sophomore in college. He'd grown up as a multi-sport athlete and was motivated right from the time of his diagnosis to show that diabetes was not going to mean "you can't" when it came to physical pursuits. Jimmy received professional degrees in wildlife biology and forestry at North Carolina State University and began taking outdoor courses in climbing, paddling, mountain biking, and backpacking. In the winter of 2000-2001, Jimmy took a 10-day skills training course in the White Mountains of New Hampshire. That course, combined with his previous training, gave him the skills to spend more than 60 days climbing ice and snow in New Hampshire and Maine. His future climbing goals include mountains in Alaska, the Pacific Northwest, and the Grand Tetons.

"Noah, Nikki and Jimmy are role models for all of us, and LifeScan is proud to join with DESA in honoring their achievements. Each of them has accomplished outstanding physical feats, despite having diabetes," said Charles Renfroe, Senior Manager, Professional Affairs, LifeScan, Inc. "The recipients of the 2005 LifeScan/DESA awards prove to everyone that diabetes should be viewed as a challenge to pursue your dreams rather than a life-sentence."

Three honorable mentions were also made at the annual meeting of the Diabetes Exercise and Sports Association. They went to: Tony Cervati, 36, of Durham, NC, mountain biker and Reebok certified cycling instructor; Dave Nevins, 42, Boise, ID, bicycle racer and organizer of the nonprofit organization "No Limits" Boise Chapter; and Peter Hans Nerothin, 25, St. Paul, MN, outdoor extremist and Ironman triathlete.

DESA also presented its Lew Harper Memorial Youth Award for outstanding achievement by a young athlete. This year's winner is Michael Lee Watson, 19, of Wilmington, NC, a former high school football and lacrosse star who won various honors, including All-State and All-American. The award is named in memory of Lew Harper, founder of DESA.

Applications for the LifeScan/DESA award are accepted year-round and are available by calling DESA at 1 800 898-4322, through visiting the DESA Web site at, or by writing to DESA at 8001 Montcastle Dr., Nashville, TN 37221.

Founded in 1985, DESA exists to enhance the quality of life for people with diabetes through exercise and physical fitness. Their goals include supporting and encouraging exercise among all people with diabetes. They seek members with Type I, Type 2 and gestational diabetes and those who offer them medical care and advice.

LifeScan, a Johnson & Johnson company and a leading maker of blood glucose monitoring products, is dedicated to creating a world without limits for people with diabetes. Every day, people with diabetes rely on the company's OneTouch® Systems for simple testing and accurate results. For healthcare professional resources, and information on diabetes care and LifeScan products and services, visit