LifeScan is pleased to support the international diabetes community with our OneTouch® Products and services.

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Paperless Process


The process

  • Once you contract with LifeScan, we'll begin working with your Medical Claims Processor (MCP).
  • Simply continue submitting Medicare & Medicaid claims by National Drug Code (NDC) for OneTouch® products.
  • We'll calculate a rebate based on your MCP submissions
    and mail you a check each month.
  • No other action is required on your part.


  • Be a Medicare and/or Medicaid provider.
  • Accept assignment on OneTouch® products.
  • Purchase products from a LifeScan authorized distributor.
  • Use one of these LifeScan approved Medical Claims Processors:

    (A list of authorized distributors can be found at

  1. 800-879-6153

  2. 800-432-1383

  3. 877-602-4179 ext. 422