Answers to Common Questions

How long does the application process take?

The total length of time from application to contract approval ranges from

When will I receive funding or product(s)?

Once a contract is signed, LifeScan distributes funds, product(s) support, or both to the investigators, based on the payment and study milestones established in the agreement.

Products are typically distributed in advance of the study, and funds are typically distributed at milestones throughout the study, with a final payment upon delivery of a draft manuscript.

Am I required to apply online?

Investigators must submit applications online

(using Visiontracker™, a Web-based IIS management tool).

How will LifeScan contact me?

In most instances, LifeScan will contact investigators by e-mail. If LifeScan has questions about your request or materials, you may be also be contacted by telephone.

May I reapply if LifeScan does not offer to support my study?

If your application for support is not accepted, you may not reapply with the same study concept. Denial of a support application does not mean that the proposed research lacks value. However, LifeScan encourages investigators to pursue other sources of funding and welcomes investigators to apply again with other study concepts.

Will LifeScan support studies outside the United States?

Yes. LifeScan provides support through the IIS program in many countries around the world. Note that product availability varies from country to country. LifeScan will only provide products that can be legally marketed in the actual study location(s).

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