What support will LifeScan provide?

When applying for support, investigators identify whether they are requesting funding, LifeScan products, or both. LifeScan is responsible for delivering product or funding support as detailed in the IIS agreement.

The LifeScan IIS program follows Johnson & Johnson Healthcare Compliance policies designed to ensure compliance with applicable laws and regulations governing relationships between manufacturers and Healthcare Professionals.


LifeScan may provide limited funding to cover all or a portion of any reasonable study-related costs. Funding payments are typically provided at several points during the study that are linked to study milestones.


LifeScan may support investigators by providing appropriate LifeScan products (blood glucose meters, test strips, lancets, etc.) for use in a study. Products will either be delivered at the beginning of the study or at key study milestones, depending on research requirements.

Note that product availability varies from country to country. LifeScan will only provide products that can be legally marketed in the actual study location(s).

Technical support

LifeScan may also offer help to investigators in identifying the LifeScan products that will best meet the needs of their research for a given patient population or the type of blood being tested.