Customer Care

You're never out of touch with LifeScan. Whether for product training, information about diabetes, or assistance locating products, we value our customers and welcome you to learn more or contact us:

To find support outside the United States, please visit:
Customer Service
Contact us at 1-800-227-8862 if you have a question about OneTouch® Products, blood glucose monitoring, or diabetes in general.

For specific information about our products, visit

Health Care Professional (HCP) Line
LifeScan offers specialized services for institutional personnel, diabetes educators, and pharmacists who use LifeScan Products in a medical setting. 
Or visit our Healthcare Professionals Website.
Contact us at 800-524-7226 if you have a question.

App/Software Technical Support Line
OneTouch Reveal®: 866-693-0599
OneTouch® Data Management Software: 800-382-7226
Online, you'll also find technical support resources.

Toll-free service in Spanish is available to customers living in the United States and/or its protectorates (e.g. Puerto Rico, US Virgin Islands, etc.). Contact us at 800-381-7226 if you have a question.