OneTouch® Ultra® Blood Glucose Monitoring System Fact Sheet


The OneTouch® Ultra® Blood Glucose Monitoring System, part of the OneTouch® family of products, combines a less painful alternative to traditional fingerstick testing with a fast test time. The meter is easy to use and conveniently small.

Innovative Features

  • Offers Alternate Testing Site on the Forearm -- In a national independent study of 1,600 patients with diabetes, 85 percent of respondents reported that reducing pain was one of their highest priorities in blood sugar testing.* With the OneTouch® Ultra® System, people can test on their forearm, where there are fewer nerve endings than in the fingertips.**
  • Provides Accurate Test Results in Only 5 Seconds
  • Requires Only a Tiny Blood Sample -- just 1 microliter.
  • Small Size-Discreet and Portable

Helpful Features To Support Diabetes Management

  • Internal Test Memory -- 150-test memory with date and time.
  • Automatic Averaging of Test Results -- averaging of past 14 and 30 days of test results.
  • Compatible with OneTouch® Diabetes Management Software -- available separately from LifeScan.

Convenience Features

  • No cleaning necessary.
  • Easy blood application -- OneTouch® Ultra® Test Strip uses capillary action to automatically draw blood into the tip of the test strip on contact.
  • Test strip confirmation window -- Helps users see if they've applied enough blood for an accurate reading.

Availability, Affordability and Promotional Offers

  • Available now at pharmacies and retailers nationwide.
  • OneTouch® Test Strips are covered by more health plans with the lowest co-pay than any other test strip.
  • OneTouch® Test Strips are covered by Medicare Part B.
  • Special Offers Lower Cost to Customers - The OneTouch® Ultra® System offers a manufacturer's rebate and trade-in allowance worth up to $60.

Customer Service

  • 800 381-7226 -- Spanish-speaking LifeScan customer service representatives, available 24 hours a day.
  • Informative Web site -- Visit for information about diabetes, self-care, testing and LifeScan Products.