Conviction in Counterfeit Case


August 31, 2007--A Shanghai court sentenced a Chinese businessman to 3 ½ years in prison and additional penalties for distributing counterfeit OneTouch® Test Strips. LifeScan is grateful to the Chinese government for its diligent investigation and prosecution of this case.

At LifeScan, our primary concern is patient safety. While this is an important milestone, there are a number of parties involved in the manufacture and distribution of counterfeit test strips. LifeScan has and continues to assist governments in their criminal investigations in addition to pursuing its own civil actions.

In addition, LifeScan systematically monitors the marketplace for new counterfeit products, and if found, communicates with customers so that they can identify and remove these products from the marketplace as quickly as possible. The company also periodically institutes new product and packaging enhancements to enable better tracking and make it easier to distinguish genuine OneTouch products from counterfeits. To reduce the risk of receiving counterfeit products in the future, it is recommended customers only obtain their diabetes testing supplies from reputable sources.