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triangleImitation OneTouch® Ultra® and OneTouch® Basic®/Profile®Test Strips Discovered in Egypt


May 14, 2010

If you use, recommend, or sell OneTouch® Brand Test Strips, we want to make you aware that we have recently discovered imitation OneTouch® Ultra® and OneTouch® Basic® Diabetes Test Strips in Egypt.

Potential Risk To Patients

Historically, testing of various imitation test strips obtained by LifeScan from around the world, including those recently found in Egypt, shows erratic performance that includes highly inaccurate test results or failure to provide test results. It is unknown how imitation test strips that may be in the marketplace will perform. LifeScan cannot ensure the accuracy or reliability of blood glucose test results from test strips it does not manufacture. Use of these imitation test strips could result in inaccurate test results that may lead to improper treatment. Notably, insulin treatment based on inaccurate blood glucose results could result in serious injury or death.

Identifying Imitation Test Strips

The imitation test strips and packaging can be easily identified when compared to genuine products. Please refer to the chart to learn how to identify these imitation products. If you identify any imitation products, please report your discovery by calling LifeScan Customer Service at 0800-888-8886.

Additional instructions:

Patients: Stop using imitation test strips immediately and purchase replacement test strips. Contact your physician to assess potential treatment implications.

Healthcare Professionals: Please share this information with your diabetes patients that use OneTouch Ultra and OneTouch Basic Test Strips. Any patients found to have imitation test strips should immediately discontinue their use and replace them. We recommend you assess any potential treatment implications for these patients.

Pharmacies: We recommend that you purchase LifeScan products only from our exclusive distributor in Egypt, Soficopharm S.A.E. , or from an entity that will represent that it has purchased product from Soficopharm S.A.E. Please be aware that LifeScan will not issue credit for imitation product. For restitution, you will need to contact your original source of supply for these products.

How LifeScan Is Addressing This Issue

Patient safety is our top concern. LifeScan Middle East is working closely with Egyptian authorities to address this matter as quickly as possible and is pursuing legal actions. We are also alerting distributors, pharmacies, healthcare professionals and consumers of this issue and will continue to monitor the market. Any merchant or patient who discovers imitation test strips is encouraged to report their finding to LifeScan.

Please visit periodically for important Imitation Product Alerts or updates that may be issued in the future.

If you have any questions or concerns about this issue, please contact LifeScan Customer Service.

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