How LifeScan Is Fighting Counterfeit Products

Our first responsibility is to the patients, healthcare professionals and all those who use our products. Regrettably, counterfeit medical devices and pharmaceutical products have become more prevalent in recent years, posing a very real and serious threat to public health. To help safeguard our products and patient safety we are continually developing and applying anti-counterfeiting measures throughout the process of product development, distribution and enforcement:

  • Distribution: LifeScan continues to establish and enforce distribution agreements that include provisions addressing counterfeit product. Any merchant or patient who discovers counterfeit products is encouraged to report their findings to LifeScan to aid in ongoing investigations and legal actions regarding counterfeit test strips.
  • Identification: LifeScan actively monitors the global marketplace for potential counterfeit products through a combination of product sampling, analysis of customer complaints, and other means. If counterfeit product is confirmed, health authorities are notified and comprehensive communications are provided to customers so that these products can be identified, quarantined, and appropriate action taken as quickly as possible.
  • Enforcement: LifeScan works with numerous government agencies and business partners around the world to identify counterfeit product manufacturers and distributors. Once identified, we vigorously pursue legal actions against those responsible. We believe that our swift and aggressive actions are a major reason that we have seen a significant reduction in reports of counterfeit OneTouch® Brand Test Strips in major markets.
  • Prevention: LifeScan periodically institutes new product and packaging features that allow improved tracking of genuine OneTouch products through the supply chain. Such features also make it easier to distinguish genuine OneTouch Test Strips from counterfeit products.

Working with regulatory agencies, distributors, retailers and healthcare professionals, we are making great strides toward our goal of eliminating counterfeit medical devices. We recommend you visit this Web site periodically for important Counterfeit Product Alerts or updates that may be issued in the future. If you have any questions or concerns about OneTouch Brand Test Strips, please contact LifeScan Customer Service.