Charitable Contributions

We are passionate about advancing patient care through charitable programs that promote awareness and education in the diabetes community. LifeScan makes donations to non-profit organizations which share our goals.

Examples of our giving include diabetes summer camps in the United States and the International Diabetes Federation’s Life for a Child Program in developing countries.

In addition, we work with international relief organizations during natural and man-made disasters, contributing blood glucose testing supplies in times of life-threatening emergencies.

To learn if your organization is eligible for a donation from LifeScan, review our Eligibility Requirements, below.

Eligibility Requirements

Areas of Interest for Charitable Contributions

LifeScan provides product donations to diabetes camp programs, advocacy groups, and indigent healthcare organizations.

Eligible Organizations with 501(c)(3) Status:

  • Patient Advocacy Organizations
  • Community-Based Organizations
  • Professional Associations
  • Academic Institutions
  • Medical and Other Healthcare Societies
  • Non-profit Health Clinics Serving Diabetes Populations
  • Multi-Cultural Groups Performing Diabetes Outreach
  • Diabetes Camp Programs
  • Voluntary Relief Organizations Recognized by J&J Corporate Contributions Department

  • Product contributions must be used in the manner defined below:

    • Product will be dispensed and donated to patients within the United States of America;
    • Product contributions will only be placed with licensed medical and healthcare professionals;
    • Product contributions cannot be transferred in exchange for money, other property or services;
    • Product contributions cannot be used for research, experimental, or demonstration purposes;
    • Product contributions cannot be billed to any third party payer (public or private)
    • For purposes of disclosure and reporting, product contributions are valued at the Company's list price.


The following types of requests are generally not eligible for charitable contributions:

  • Appeals for Unrestricted Funds
  • Scholarships or Direct Grants to Individuals
  • Loans
  • Medical Mission Trips or Tours outside of the United States of America
  • Endowments of Any Kind
  • Sectarian and Religious Organizations That Do Not Serve the General Public on a Non-denominational Basis
  • Capital Requests (building or endowment funds)
  • Political, Fraternal or Athletic Groups
  • Organizational Overhead, Staff Training, or Provision of Medical Care
  • Marketing Sponsorships or Exhibit Opportunities
  • Direct Contributions to Individuals or Physician Practices

To Apply or Request Diabetes Camp Program Products

If your Diabetes Camp Program falls within the Areas of Interest and Eligible Organizations outlined above, please apply or request with Direct Relief

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To Apply for Non Camp Product Contribution:

STEP 1: Check Your Eligibility

If your request falls within the Areas of Interest and Eligible Organizations outlined above, please proceed to Step 2.

STEP 2: Prepare Materials

You will need the following information to successfully apply for a product or cash contribution:

- Letter of Request on your company letterhead which includes:

  • Name of the Medical Director and valid state license number
  • The name of your organization
  • Name, title and phone number of a contact person
  • Your organization's mission statement
  • Your organization’s 501(c)(3) tax identification number
  • Project/event description and date
  • Project budget
  • Annual operating budget
  • If requesting product for an advocacy group or indigent healthcare organization
    • Describe how the products will be used

Please email request to LifeScan Charitable Contributions at

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