Educational Grants

LifeScan is proud to support educational activities and programs that help healthcare professionals enhance the care of their patients with diabetes.

Our primary focus is making life-changing, long-term differences in human health and disease management for those who may be helped by the products and services we provide.

Ongoing partnerships between LifeScan and leading organizations in the diabetes industry include: American Association of Diabetes Educators, American Association of Clinical Endocrinologists, and International Society for Pediatric and Adolescent Diabetes.

At this time, we are not accepting new applications for educational grants.

Eligibility Requirements

1. An educational grant request must be in support of an educational program for customers, patients, or healthcare professionals.

2. The primary objective of the educational grant request must be to facilitate development, dissemination or presentation of educational material to customers, healthcare professionals, or their patients.

LifeScan supports the following with product or cash donations:

  • Accredited Continuing Education: Educational programs for healthcare providers such as physicians, nurses, and/or pharmacists that provide continuing education credits.
  • Non-Accredited Professional Educational Activities: Educational programs for healthcare providers such as physicians, nurses, and pharmacists that do not provide continuing education credits. As a condition for funding, to the extent LifeScan, Inc. products are discussed as part of such funded activities, LifeScan, Inc. requires that such discussion be done in a manner consistent with the FDA-approved labeling.
  • Patient Education: Printed/online educational materials and/or live educational events produced for people living with a particular disease or condition.
  • Fellowships: Support for bona fide fellowship programs at teaching institutions, medical societies and cooperative groups. We may also support travel scholarships for fellows, residents or healthcare providers in training to attend relevant major medical or scientific conferences for the purpose of education. All support is in agreement with the AMA Council on Ethical and Judicial Affairs Gifts to Physicians from Industry.

Grant Evaluation

LifeScan does not provide "unrestricted educational grants" and grant funds must be used for the purpose defined within the original request. Each grant request is evaluated for completeness based on four basic components:

1. An assessment documenting why the education is necessary

2. An agenda or brochure describing the schedule of events

3. A detailed budget identifying all sources of funding and how grant funds will be used

4. Evidence of accreditation to provide continuing education credit and/or tax exempt status

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