Lancet Disposal

Minnesota recently enacted a law related to safe sharps management, including the management of lancets.

This law requires that lancet manufacturers, such as LifeScan, post on their Web sites a plan that describes how the manufacturer supports the safe collection and proper disposal of sharps, including lancets.

LifeScan supports educating patients on the proper disposal of sharps to ensure the safety of our patients and the public at large. We do so by including information related to the proper disposal of lancets in our owner’s manuals, on our corporate Web site, and in the lancing section of our consumer Web site, Presently, LifeScan does not have any initiatives related to the collection of sharps, but if appropriate opportunities to support such activities present themselves, we will consider working with retailers, governments and other groups with an interest in protecting public health and safety to advance practices in this area.

For more information on safe sharps management, please review the owner's manual for your OneTouch® Lancing Products or visit: