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A Note Regarding COVID-19 from LifeScan President & CEO Val Asbury

As a member of the diabetes community, LifeScan is working tirelessly to help ensure people with diabetes and their care teams have the support and products that they need during the COVID-19 crisis. Care and Connect are two of our corporate Shared Values, and we pledge to continue to live into them and partner with the diabetes community during the coming weeks and months as we navigate this unknown territory.

We have two guiding principles that are driving all that LifeScan does during this time:

  • Patients First: As always, our patients are at the center of all our decisions and actions. Our number one goal during this situation is to ensure people with diabetes and those who support them have the products and services they need to manage their condition. As you well know, people with diabetes already have enough to worry about without the COVID-19 situation—we need to remove as much of the burden as possible as they endure this difficult time.

  • Protecting the LifeScan Family and LifeScan Communities: The safety of our employees, their families, their communities—including many of you with whom we interact—is of the utmost importance. We are deploying remote working where possible, utilizing remote tools to stay connected and continue our support and service for our customers, and if and when our employees need to interact with healthcare teams and partners, we are following all CDC and WHO guidelines concerning social distancing, minimizing time, cleaning surfaces, etc.

With these in mind, we are taking the following actions around the world to help the diabetes community during this time:

  • Working closely with our partners to ensure consistent product supply and widespread availability of OneTouch® products. 

  • Communicating directly to our OneTouch® patients guidance from the American Diabetes Association (ADA) and the CDC regarding management of diabetes in response to COVID-19.

  • Continuing to support healthcare professional teams and patients using OneTouch Reveal® applications for remote monitoring.

Whatever role you play within the community—as a person managing your diabetes, a healthcare provider, a loved one or caretaker of someone who has diabetes—know that we at LifeScan are grateful for all that you do. We are honored to be part of this community and are here for you during this difficult time. Thank you.