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  • LifeScan partners with Shoppers Drug Mart Inc. to launch the Canadian retailer’s first digital diabetes management pilot program

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Kassandra Perry

LifeScan partners with Shoppers Drug Mart Inc. to launch the Canadian retailer’s first digital diabetes management pilot program

Starting in Ontario, the program aims to simplify diabetes management with the support of an AI/data-driven digital diabetes coach and a store-based pharmacist




BURNABY, British Columbia, Nov. 17, 2020 -- LifeScan, a world leader in blood glucose monitoring and maker of the iconic OneTouch® brand, today announced a partnership with Shoppers Drug Mart Inc., one of Canada’s leading providers of pharmacy products and services, to pilot the retailer’s first digital diabetes management program. The six-month pilot program aims to improve health outcomes by simplifying self-management for Canadians living with diabetes. Launching at 10 select Ontario Shoppers Drug Mart® locations in Mississauga, Ontario, the pilot program will engage participants in two ways: through the AI/data-driven technology of the OneTouch Reveal® Plus digital diabetes coach and personalized guidance and support from Shoppers Drug Mart pharmacists.

“This pilot program is an opportunity to support Canadians living with diabetes with evidence-based and data-driven interventions. We have a singular focus on accuracy and trust and have found a like-minded partner in Shoppers Drug Mart Inc.,” said Barb Jackalin, LifeScan Canada Business Unit Director. “We look forward to bringing LifeScan’s decades of expertise in diabetes management to help Canadians improve their self-management and ultimately improve outcomes.”

The OneTouch Reveal Plus app is powered by Welldoc’s BlueStar® platform, a leading provider for diabetes and chronic disease management bringing powerful AI driven insights to patients, providers and payers. As one of the only FDA and Health Canada approved for use digital applications, BlueStar® brings holistic health management in a scalable, sustainable way.

Through the partnership, adults 18 years and older living with diabetes will get free access to the OneTouch Reveal Plus app and added support from the Shoppers Drug Mart pharmacy team. The OneTouch Reveal Plus app, approved for use by Health Canada, can provide individualized, real-time coaching based on a patient’s specific treatment plan. Blood glucose data can be automatically transmitted from the OneTouch Verio Flex® and the OneTouch Verio Reflect blood glucose monitoring systems using built-in Bluetooth® Smart Technology to provide immediate feedback and coaching. In addition to blood glucose data, the app also allows tracking for blood pressure and weight for easier management of other conditions that can be associated with diabetes.

“We are excited to offer this program to help us understand the impact of a diabetes self-management tool on immediate and long-term health outcomes as well as allow us to better support people with diabetes through this aspect of their health journey,” said Doug Bryce, VP, Health & Pharmacy Programs and Innovation, Shoppers Drug Mart Inc. “We believe that a digital solution combined with pharmacist oversight will allow people with diabetes to better manage their conditions, and ultimately lead to better health outcomes.”

According to Diabetes Canada, there are 11 million Canadians living with pre-diabetes or diabetes, with a new Canadian being diagnosed every three minutes. Recent findings of a real-world, observational study conducted with a large, U.S. payor showed people with type 2 diabetes who used the OneTouch Reveal Plus app saw improved health outcomes with clinically significant reductions in A1C lab values and average blood glucose levels after three and six months. The study revealed that participants who used the 24/7 digital coaching tool with AI and data-driven technology demonstrated strong engagement, an increase in self-care behaviors and a reduction in diabetes related and all-cause ER visits.

This digital diabetes management pilot program is currently available in 10 select Ontario Shoppers Drug Mart locations in Mississauga, Ontario.


About the OneTouch® brand made by LifeScan

LifeScan is a global leader in blood glucose monitoring innovation and digital health technology and has a vision to create a world without limits for people with diabetes and related conditions. More than 20 million people and their caregivers around the world count on LifeScan’s OneTouch brand products to manage their diabetes. Together, LifeScan and OneTouch improve the quality of life for people with diabetes with products and digital platforms defined by simplicity, accuracy, and trust. and